This website presents the work of photographer Stephen Freiheit.

Stephen Freiheit, born 1965, has studied at the Czech Film School and has exhibited his work in various galleries in Denmark and abroad. Freiheit also works with numerous Danish and international newspapers and monthly magazines..

Stephen Freiheit has portrayed a varied range of artistic and cultural role models and icons, for example the Dalai Lama, Yoko Ono, Mohammed Yunus, Pierre & Giles, Eve & Adele as well as a variety of international and Danish actors and musicians.

Freiheit has also worked on several projects and campaigns commissioned by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Red Cross, DanChurchAid, Amnesty International, UNICEF and The Danish Aids Foundation. Freiheit has worked in Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Zambia, Uganda, USA, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, South Korea.

Stephen Freiheit has exhibited his work at Charlottenborg, Christian Dam Gallery, Fotografisk Center, Asbæk Centro Cultural Andratx, Galopperiet, Godsbanen Arhus, Anexet ved Lundsgaard Gods, Art Gallery Filosoffen and in joint exhibitions on international level.

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